In the coming decades, we face an enormous challenge. Climate change is continuing at a rapid pace, with a visible impact. Periods with widespread flooding interspersed with long periods of drought leave their mark. This calls for fast and reliable systems. CirculinQ has developed different applications for this and with its name describes what it stands for.

It starts with the 'Circu' of circularity. Circularity of the rainwater captured, circularity of the raw materials used and circularity of the product itself. Secondly, there is 'LinQ', referring to connection: the linQ of connection to the environment, the linQ of the mutual connection of the elements and the linQ of the connection to other systems.


We believe that climate resilience and maximum circularity form the only future-proof solution for a sustainable infrastructure. CirculinQ offers future-proof and sustainable element paving to address the increasing flooding in urban and suburban areas. CirculinQ focuses on creating infrastructure for everyone, with a minimum negative impact on our planet and natural raw materials.



The partners

CirculinQ is a joint venture of VolkerWessels and Wavin. Thanks to the confidence in the future potential, the project quickly grew and was upscaled to become an independent company.