The challenges of climate change

The weather is bringing more extreme rainfall, more severe storms and longer periods of drought and heat. The chances of heatwaves and flooding are increasing. National and local authorities and private organisations must respond to this in order to maintain living standards. One of the important measures that policymakers can take is to make (parts of) the infrastructure climate adaptive.

300 L
water storage (per m2)

maximum CO2 Reduction

<43 kg
weight (per m2)

recycled plastic as base material

reduction in transport

Climate-adaptive construction

The CirculinQ CCL elements are fitted with (temporary) water storage of 300 litres per square metre. This can absorb extreme rainfall, of up to as much as 100 mm per hour, even in areas with high groundwater levels (up to 40 cm below ground level). In the case of the CCL300 elements, this water storage system is fitted with a double water filter and provides a solution for gradual water infiltration of the local soil. The system is completely closed, so that no connection to a sewer is necessary.

The water flow is managed, to counter drying out and subsidence of the local soil. Because the filtered water is released slowly to the local soil, the CirculinQ solution contributes towards healthy soil life and the local biodiversity.

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