Sustainable use of raw materials

Raw materials are scarce and the burden on nature has to be reduced. That is the challenge that we face. The current circular economy calls for sustainable solutions for today and for the future, with a minimal CO2 footprint. Maximum re-use of existing materials and rainwater is very important here.

300 L
water storage (per m2)

maximum CO2 Reduction

<43 kg
weight (per m2)

recycled plastic as base material

reduction in transport

Sustainable solution

The end result is a sustainable solution, requiring 80% fewer transport movements, using 75% less raw materials and with significantly lower emissions. Laying can also be performed entirely electronically, which of course leads to even better figures.

The maintenance requires no special activities. The water storage units in the elements can be cleaned periodically with a regular gully cleaner. The expected service life of the elements is up to as much as 50 years, after which they can be fully dismantled and tested for re-use. That long service life and the modular character of the elements make the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) substantially more attractive than that for conventional solutions.

Circular design

The CL and CCL series have been designed to be fully circular. There is a second life for all raw materials in new road elements, without waste or use of new raw materials. Circularity is leading in every choice at every stage of the process between design and realisation.

The environmental yield realised with the CCL series in comparison with conventional materials and structures has been investigated in detail. If the CCL series is applied instead of a slab path, the reduction in CO2 emissions is 83% and in the environmental costs indicator (ECI) 81%. More up-to-date research figures are available on request.

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