The CCL300 is a premium product designed for clients that give high priority to climate adaptation. The CCL300 is a sustainable and circular alternative pavement with an integrated drainage system. As a result, it is even possible to omit a storm drain and the necessary connections and gullies entirely in new district developments or reconstruction work.

The CCL300 contains an integrated water filtering system that collects the water, treats it and then gradually releases this locally into the underground. With the filter system, the CCL300 captures all kinds of contamination from traffic, so that this does not end up in the verge. With the application of this filter system, we can also guarantee the infiltration functionality for the service life of the product, making drainage into an existing sewer redundant.

As a standard, the CCL300 is equipped with SMART sensors that make management and maintenance still simpler. The sensors provide a digital insight into the measurement and control of the water level in the storage units, the degree of contamination and the performance of the filter system. Your road communicates with you and reports when it is time for maintenance. This is the CCL300, the new generation of sustainable infrastructure.


Within the CCL series, the CCL200 has been designed for clients seeking a sustainable alternative paving system in addition to an existing storm drain. The CCL200 enables you to absorb and buffer rainwater and allow it to slowly infiltrate the local soils. The system is connected to an existing storm drain or to open water by a spillway, giving you a sustainable, modular and flexible road paving system.


Thanks to their extremely low weight, CL100 elements are the ideal solution if the soil is weak or if there are tree roots in the vicinity. The elements are also to be used in combination with the CCL elements, for example for integrating manhole covers, creating a curve or making a flexible transition to existing paving (conventional or otherwise).

List of specifications

CCL300 CCL200 CL100
Climate adaptive due to rapid drainage
Water infiltration directly beneath the surface
Water filter makes a regular rainwater system redundant
Capacity 300 litres/m2 with 95.4% hollow space
Lightweight: maximum 43 kg/m2
Predictive maintenance thanks to smart sensors
Prefab delivery means rapid installation on location
Range of widths:
1.2 metres
1.8 metres
2.4 metres
3.0 metres
3.6 metres
4.2 metres
Segmented curves combining CL100 with CCL series
Suitable for light vehicles with axle weight of up to 5 tonnes
Suitable for parking, cycling and walking

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